Dear Members,


It has recently come to the attention of CWC Management that there has been some irregular access to our databases. CWC has engaged the assistance of the appropriate law enforcement agency which is currently investigating the situation.

There is no immediate threat to customer stocks since all customer passwords were changed immediately upon becoming aware of the situation. If you have not received your new password, please contact us directly.

Following an intensive investigation in the days since, it would appear that this decisive action has prevented any loss or damage taking place.

As a further preventative measure, it would be greatly appreciated if you would alert CWC should any company or individual with whom you have had no previous contact, attempt to make contact with you in the near to medium future. This may be in the form of written publications that you have not previously received, email solicitation or other forms of contact. These companies or individuals may be acting upon information obtained illegally and CWC will refer them to the HK Police for further action.

Please rest assured that no effort is being spared to thoroughly investigate the issue and to ensure that this remains an isolated incident.

Should you have any queries in this regard, please contact Ms Ingrid Chan at: and copied to Mr Eva Cheung at:, or telephone number: 2580 6287. However, please note that we are not permitted to provide specific details so as not to compromise the ongoing investigation. Updated information will be provided once the investigation has been completed.

Thank you for your understanding.

CWC Management




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Notice of Suspected Data Breach