7 February 2012


The first Tuesday Night Club gathering in the year of Dragon will take place on Tuesday 7 February from around 7pm onwards.


We welcome all TNC regulars and irregulars alike as well as their guests to join us in raising a glass or several to the New Year.


As with all TNCs, the emphasis in on a relaxed, informal atmosphere amongst friends, members and guests.† All attendants are requested to bring or buy one bottle of wine from the CWC Wine List, while a full a-la Carte menu is available.


- Members may choose to bring or buy a bottle of wine from the CWC Wine List.


- Guests are requested to buy a bottle of wine from the CWC Membersí Wine List as their contribution.


- ††† All wines are available at Membersí Prices to all Tuesday Night Club attendants (Members and Guests).



Event Information


Date :†††††† Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Time :†††††† 7pm till late


Venue : †† Conservatory


Cost :†††††† FOC Event


Reservations :† No reservations necessary



More information


The Tuesday Night Club is an informal gathering of members and their guests.† Members may bring along or purchase one bottle of wine to share, while guests are requested to buy a bottle of wine from the Membersí Wine List.  Credit card facilities have been set up for this purpose.

The Tuesday Night Club gathering was created to have one night each week where no invitations are issued, no RSVPs are required, but members and their guests always know that there will be a friendly group gathered to share wine and good conversation.

Depending on the number of people who attend, the TNC is held in a different location in the Club each Tuesday.  The notice board located at the entrance will let members and their guests know the location on any given Tuesday.


A very nice mixed group is always expected, and please take special note that our A-LA CARTE MENU is available for on the spot dining without prior reservation.




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Tuesday Night Club
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