CWC History

The goals were clear: Jim and Greg wanted to establish a wine cellar facility on par with the best available anywhere else worldwide. The setting should embody all the core values of wine, including tradition, history, romanticism and beauty while offering unparalleled levels of access and service. The piece de resistance would be the inclusion of an exclusive member’s clubhouse and park-like surroundings.
While searching for the ideal location, Jim and Greg came across what has become known as the Deep Water Bay Drive Bunkers. This unused but historically significant military site offers the perfect setting for CWC owing to its pre-World War II construction and untouched surroundings.
Crown, being known for its innovative and industry-leading ideas, approached the Hong Kong Government with a partnership concept to restore the site to historical accuracy, while transforming it into an interactive location that could be enjoyed by a broad section of the local community.
And thus, the Crown Wine Cellars project began.


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our commitment

Our Contribution

Crown Wine Cellars’ involvement with Little Hong Kong started as far back as 2001. Since then we have taken our custodianship of this wonderful facility very seriously. Aside from ensuring the safe preservation of the heritage structures and thereby receiving recognition from UNESCO in 2007, we have also contributed significantly to the profile of Hong Kong in the international wine industry.

Promises should extend beyond business and for this reason we are proud of our contribution to our community.



The site has a fascinating history tightly enter twined with that of the island itself, and its new role as home to the world’s finest wines ensures its prominence in the continuing story of Hong Kong. Your can read more about the site and its construction elsewhere on this website.