UNESCO Heritage Site: Shouson Hill Cellars

Our wine storage at Shouson Hill comprises individual, underground concrete chambers each with their own highly sophisticated climate control system. This allows us to achieve the perfect balance of temperature and humidity – unequalled in the sector.

This unique and uncompromising approach to wine storage is passionately provided by long-standing, highly-trained staff using the most rigorous security systems and procedures anywhere in the wine industry. Our facilities, track-record and reputation have resulted in Crown Wine Cellars being able to offer the highest level and most comprehensive wine insurance cover available in the industry.

Tuen Mun Facility

Our wine storage chambers in Tuen Mun have been modeled on the specifications of our Shouson Hill Cellars.  In addition to emulating the high performing physical structures, the Tuen Mun facility has been designed with arguably the best security and safety systems available anywhere in the wine storage world. These include the first ever high-security wine vaults for ultra-high value wines.

Even temperatures, balanced humidity, zero vibration and controlled light exposure combine to provide a ‘text-book perfect’ wine storage environment and unsurpassed provenance.

We are recognized in the industry for consistently leading the way in security and management systems, and have become the first choice for virtually all the world’s leading wine companies. As a result, we take care of some of the most valuable and rare wine collections in the world.

Text-book environmental control and security measures

Computer-controlled humidity (65 to 75 per cent ).

Computer-controlled temperature (12.5 to 13.5 degrees Centigrade).

Zero vibration ensured by underground location and reinforced concrete construction.

Zero natural light penetration.

High-pressure sodium vapour lighting.

Multi-zone automated lighting systems so as not to require illumination at all times.

24-hour security guards on-site.

High-security wine vaults for ultra-high value wines (Tuen Mun facility only).

Comprehensive CCTV camera network, both internally and externally, within wholly owned facilities.

Motion activated supplementary lighting system.

Infra-red alarm system, vibration sensors.

Security coded locks at all entry points.


Our world leading security and management systems have been rewarded with the highest level of insurance available in the wine industry.

  • All wines under our care are covered to their full market value in case of loss or breakage.
  • All wines under our care are covered for Total and Catastrophic loss.
  • Once registered by the bottle, wines are also covered for partial damage.
  • There are no deductions or any hidden charges in the event of a claim.


All local vehicles used by Crown Wine Cellars are:

  • Climate controlled
  • GPS tracked
  • Fully insured
  • Operated by 2 staff members per vehicle

Our international wine transportation is equally, tightly controlled:

  • Climate controlled containers
  • Data logger temperature checking
  • Only trusted, industry leading agents used at origin
  • Comprehensive insurance and no deductions payable


Access to Members’ collections from the main underground cellars is by request and wines may be delivered, or enjoyed on site – perhaps over lunch or dinner in one of the clubhouse restaurant’s rooms. Storage rates and delivery terms are detailed on the membership pages.



The site has a fascinating history enter twined with that of the island itself, and its new role as home to the world’s finest wines ensures its prominence in the continuing story of Hong Kong. You can read more about the site and its construction elsewhere on this website.