Crown Wine Cellars: History

19 - 12 - 41 Friday

Two hundred men from HMS Thracian are sent to take over defence of the Little Hong Kong ordnance base area, and RAF personnel are ordered to serve in an infantry capacity to defend the makeshift naval base at Aberdeen where the navy is ordered to scuttle all ships with the exception of HMS Cicala, HMS Robin, and the MTBs.

06:50 The navy takes over infantry positions in the Aberdeen / Little Hong Kong area, thus freeing A Company of the Winnipeg Grenadiers for other duties (20-15).

20 - 12 - 41 Saturday

In the southern sector, in the bowl that runs down from the Wong Nai Chung Gap police station to Deep Water Bay, West Brigade makes just one serious effort - on the 20th - to break through to East Brigade. This effort by the Punjabis is stopped at Shouson Hill. In turn, the Japanese advance is held up only by isolated positions on Shouson Hill, Brick Hill, and Little Hong Kong, before reaching Bennet's Hill by the 25th.

Milne, Robery CSM U
Killed Little Hong Kong near road north side (126).

21 - 12 - 41 Sunday

09:00 Major H. Marsh reports from Little Hong Kong that the Japanese can be seen moving from Wong Nai Chung Gap to the crest of Mount Nicholson (20-20).

22 - 12 - 41 Monday

Because of suspected Japanese massing between Mount Cameron and Little Hong Kong, 4 Company and 7 Company HKVDC are brought up to man the line between Wan Chai Gap and Mount Kellet. Lt. G. H. Calvert HKVDC collects all available men to help hold the line.

Much of the ground the Japanese have captured still has elements holding out. The HKSRA 17 AA is still hanging on to the seaward end of Brick Hill. Elements of the Royal Navy still hold several houses on the top of Shouson Hill. A mixed bag of British forces (about sixty men comprising Major Marsh and eighteen Middlesex, five Winnipeg Grenadiers, fourteen HKVDC, Major Dewar and twenty naval ratings, and Hamlon of the RAOC) holds the Little Hong Kong ordnance depot.

21:10 Major Trist (commanding the Canadians and Royal Engineers on Mount Cameron, some 130 strong) runs forward and finds that the Japanese have captured a machine-gun and mortar on the right flank. Lieutenant-Colonel Sutcliffe orders a withdrawal to Wan Chai Gap. The Japanese themselves (under Doi) receive 9.2-inch fire from Stanley, and 20,000 rounds of .303 from Major H. Marsh's C Company of the Middlesex from Little Hong Kong (95-128). "Our effort to hold Mt. Nicholson was harassed by enemy gun fire from Red Pillar Promontory and by machine gun fire from the area south of Mt. Nicholson" (122).

23 - 12 - 41 Tuesday

In the west, the day starts with the fall of Mount Cameron. West Brigade's whole line then comes under attack, at Leighton Hill, at the Royal Scots' positions, and in the Bennet's Hill / Little Hong Kong area. The Japanese try to take Wan Chai Gap but are beaten off by Royal Scots and Marines from the dockyard. The Rajputs are pushed back at the Happy Valley racecourse under heavy pressure, but the line holds. The Middlesex on Leighton Hill are now under almost continuous attack. During the morning, 25 wounded Rajputs from hospital are formed into a new Platoon under Jemadar Shah Muhammad at Leighton Hill.

In the late afternoon, Marsh (of Middlesex C Company) gets through to Pillbox 14 - south of little Hong Kong - on the phone for the last time and talks to Sergeant George Rich. Sergeant Rich, Corporal 'Timber' Wood, Lance-Corporal George Bailey, Private Reg Bosley, Private Don Burke, Private Bill Ball, Private Walter Bywaters, Private Eddie Edwards, and Private Harry Newbury are engaging Japanese 20 yards away. There are no survivors from this pillbox. Nearby, eight ammunition lorries escorted by an armoured car (under the charge of the ever-busy 2nd Lt. Carruthers) manage to drive from the Ordnance Depot at Little Hong Kong to the northern perimeter. Six return safely.

09:00 Little Hong Kong magazine reports that the Japanese are advancing in strength both there and on Bennet's Hill (79-264).

24 - 12 - 41 Wednesday

Wilson, William J. Private U
Last seen Little Hong Kong (126).

25 - 12 - 41 Thursday

Irwin, Richard Private U
Missing Little Hong Kong area (126).

On Saturday the 27th, the Japanese flag is raised in Central. However, they are still not fully in control of the island. Lewis Bush HKRNVR, a fluent Japanese speaker with a Japanese wife, is sent at the request of the Japanese to the Little Hong Kong ordnance depot near Aberdeen, where some Royal Engineers are still refusing to surrender. Eventually they emerge and the Japanese take them to Aberdeen, treating them as heroes (95-163).