Free Wine Authentication Service:
Chai Vault

15th - 16th October 2019

As a client of Crown Wine Cellars, you are invited to meet the Chai Vault team led by Maureen Downey at a cocktail reception on 15th October at CWC.

This event will provide collectors with an opportunity to learn more about current wine counterfeit trends, and how to counter this through wine authentication.

The cocktail event will be followed by a hands on authentication clinic on Wednesday, 16th October from 9am – 5:30pm.

Chai Vault will authenticate up to three bottles per member, free of charge.  It will take around half an hour for a single bottle to one hour for three bottles.

Chai Vault provides fine wine and spirits authentication and provenance solutions that give buyers peace of mind when buying, as well as giving authentic, well-provenanced wine the additional value that they deserve. 

Wine and spirits counterfeiting and fraud continues to be an enormous blight in all markets across the globe. Some estimates are as high as 20% of international high-end wine sales could be affected.  As such, counterfeit bottles have increasingly become a significant risk in the fine wine and spirits industries.

To explore, come and join us on either or both the 15th October for a presentation session and authentication clinic on 16th October.

RSVP to enjoy this exceptional, free of charge authentication service.

Presentation Session

Date:                     Tuesday, 15th October, 2019

Time:                     6pm – 8pm

Authentication Clinic (Pre-book Only)

Date:                     Wednesday, 16th October, 2019

Time:                     9am – 5:30pm