Registration Documents

Herewith all the necessary Registration Documents.

It would be most appreciated if you would complete the Registration and AUTOPAY forms and mail the originals (or bring them along with you) to Crown Wine Cellars Limited along with a copy of your HKID.

The Autopay limit must be set at no less than HK$5,000, but may be set higher.

- Registration Form, Terms and Conditions

- Autopay Form

Bank Autopay application form

- Complete the form and sign it but leave the Debtor's Reference blank.
- Return the original signed hard copy to:

Crown Wine Cellars Limited,
18 Deep Water Bay Drive,
Shouson Hill,
Hong Kong

- CWC Ltd will fill in the Debtor's Reference.
- CWC will check the information and submit the completed form to your nominated bank.
- Once successfully processed, your bank will inform HSBC, and HSBC will send a letter to CWC to confirm the auto pay function.