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The Conservatory
Upon arrival at the CWC Clubhouse, guests are greeted by a colonial styled glasshouse structure adjacent to the concrete facade of Bunkers 4 A&B. The conservatory measures approximately 450 square feet and is utilized primarily as the member's dining area. It is surrounded by natural foliage, providing a wonderfully enchanting experience.

The Main Underground Bunker
Adjoining the conservatory is a tunnel approximately 12 meters in length that facilitates entry into the Main Reception Room. This area measures 900 square feet and is located approximately 20 meters underground. It is utilized as the main tasting area and is thus fully equipped including a serving counter and an extensive range of wine glasses.
 The Library
Continue to the rear of the Main Dining Room, pass through a short connecting tunnel, and guests will enter the Library. This private area is reserved for the exclusive use of Platinum members and their guests. The Library is styled according to an era long passed, and provides direct walk-through access to the Platinum members' cellar. This cellar features racking systems made from solid wood and incorporates sliding trays designed to accommodate 12 bottles per level. Moreover, Platinum members are able to summon the duty sommelier to gain entry to this secure area at all times. The sommelier will accompany the Platinum members into the cellar to assist them with the selection of their personal wine.
Owing to the highly personalised and exclusive nature of the CWC Clubhouse, reservations are encouraged. Reservations can be made via the member's section of this website, fax or telephone. This reservation system allows members to state the number of guests expected, which wines should be prepared from the member's personal collection, as well as the member's preferred location in the Clubhouse. Additional services available upon making reservations:
  • Car parking.
  • Stipulation of which wines should be decanted or chilled prior to arrival.
  • Catering requirements if desired.

Reservations may be made via e-mail or telephone. Please contact the following persons:

Ms. Noelle Shek at:

Telephone: Office Hours: 2580 6287 After Hours: 2580 6362

Please state your name, membership number, number of guests, preferred location in the Clubhouse and if applicable, which wines should be prepared from your Cellar.

Please note that no smoking is permitted in the Club.