Technical Background

Crown Wine Cellars is located in a truly unique set of structures, which were originally constructed by the British military in 1937. When the site was originally planned, its design brief specified that the structures have the ability to withstand massive internal and/or external explosions caused by stored ammunition. The resulting specifications included:

  • Structures located 20 meters underground
  • 12-meter long access tunnels
  • Reinforced concrete walls and ceiling measuring up to 2.5 meters in depth

To make best use of these virtually ideal cellar conditions, Crown Wine Cellars employed the services of an international cellar construction company to assist in the conversion of the bunkers. The company they chose has more than 30 years experience in developing world-class professional cellars for some of the most internationally respected wine estates.

The results are text-book perfect:

  • Computer-controlled humidity (65 to 75 per cent )
  • Computer-controlled temperature (12.5 to 13.5 degrees Centigrade)
  • Temperature and humidity consistency ensured by powerful Carrier climate control systems, multi-zone sensors and 12-meter long access passages with double-door operation leading to each cellar
  • Zero vibration ensured by underground location and reinforced concrete construction
  • Zero natural light penetration
  • Artificial high-pressure sodium vapour lighting supplied by Philips in accordance with Crown Wine Cellars’ strict specifications
  • Multi-zone lighting system so as not to require total illumination at all times

The following security measures have also been implemented:

  • 24-hour security guards on-site
  • Comprehensive CCTV camera network, both internally and externally
  • Motion activated supplementary lighting system
  • Infra-red alarm system
  • Security coded locks at all entry points

All the above-mentioned digital sensors are linked to a multi-input data accessing and recording system which converts all inputs to a secure computer and database.