CWC: 2021 Cape Winemakers Guild
Pre-Auction Tasting
Tuesday, 21 September

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This is the Guild’s 37th annual Auction and will take on the same format as last year with a live auction of the 2021 CWG Auction wines hosted on the website of international auction house Bonhams on Saturday, 2nd October 2021 from 10:00 London time. 

The Hong Kong tasting of the 2021 CWG Auction wines and the CWG Protégé wines will be held at 6:30pm on Tuesday, 21st September 2021 at CWC and is complimentary. The tasting will be accompanied by a comprehensive selection of South African inspired canapés.

Given the high value and rarity of the wines on offer, all potential bidders attending this free tasting are requested to complete a simple registration document click here. This can be done prior to the event via Garland Fan, or alternatively, a registration table will be set up at the event to complete a registration form, the list of wines and a tasting glass.

Bidders will be able to watch and bid in real time as the auction progresses. Registrations open on 17th September, also on the Bonhams website (, and close on 4th October 2021.

The auction will include a CWG Protégé Auction hosted by Bonhams that will feature small collections of past CWG Auction wines perfectly stored in the Guild members’ private cellars.

All funds raised will be placed in a trust to help winemakers keep their businesses afloat in the aftermath of Covid-19 in order to continue employing those who depend on an income from the wine industry. Bidders will be able to place their bids on the Bonham’s website over a two-week period from Friday, 17th September 2021 until 16:00 (London time) on Monday, 4th October 2021.

The Nedbank Cape Winemakers Guild Auction is recognized as South Africa’s leading wine auction and since 1982, it has become a benchmark of excellence and the CWG label is widely held as an authentic assurance of quality and craftsmanship. 

The majority of the wines on offer are produced in extremely low quantities making them very sought after.

Interested parties have the opportunity to bid online directly this year but CWC will assist with the transportation of the wines from South Africa to Hong Kong.

Alternatively, as with previous years, CWC will consolidate and coordinate a syndicate of buyers for those people who prefer a few bottles of each wine.

CWC will be offering two tastings representing 43 different wines that will be on the auction block.  Please click here for the CWG Auction Catalogue.